Dorsey M. James
LA Reid Music Publishing
Atlanta, GA

Reference:Letter of recommendation 

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Mr. Williams.  I owe much of what I am today to his efforts.  He taught me math at a failing inner city middle school, which allowed me to matriculate into advanced math classes at a suburban high school. Those early skills helped me excel in engineering at an Ivy League institution and at one of the top business schools in the country (The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School). The foundation he created via his teaching skill allowed me to build the skills I have today.  Without Mr. Williams teachings in math, curriculum guidance and life skills strategies I severely doubt that I would be in the position I a€™m in today.  It is not very often that you 
can clearly identify a reason for your success. 
 In this instance it i€™s easy.

Dorsey M. James

Wildhaven Ranch
Roger Williams, Program Director, received his BA in Psychology from Occidental College , Los Angeles.  He earned his California teaching credential and MSEd from USC. He also was awarded a certificate in non-profit management from University of California at Riverside. Roger has also taught for Los Angeles City Schools. He is the main lecturer at Wildhaven Ranch having led hundreds of tours for the general public, scout groups and both secular and Christian schools.
Founder and President of The San Bernardino Mountains Wildlife Society (SBMWS) in 1994, a non-profit organization that operates their physical facility, Wildhaven Ranch, a wildlife education center and wildlife sanctuary in Cedar Glen. As Executive Director of Wildhaven Ranch, she has overseen the rehabilitation of thousands of wildlife since 1996; has worked with California State Fish & Game to help formulate black bear procedures for raising orphan cubs in Southern California. Has been licensed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate all native birds of prey since 1996 to 2010; she has had over 15 years hands on experience treating and caring for eagles, & other avians, including hawks, owls, falcons & waterfowl.
Diane has had thirteen years continuing education from recognized agencies like the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators(CCWR); National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA), and from International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).
She has been licensed by the California State Fish and Game to rehabilitate all wildlife native to the San Bernardino Mountains since 1996; and has hands on experience rehabilitating over 3000 mammals & birds of prey.